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Ms. Kadets is looking forward to welcoming her new and returning students back to the dance studio... but don't get too used to it! MRS. COOK will soon be appearing on all your dance-related documents. Don't fret - new married name, same crazy dance lady! See you all soon :)

Last year, HVCHS completed a new  Dance Room!!!

Dance I

This course is a survey-style introduction to the art of dance. It focuses on learning and practicing various dance techniques and styles while providing opportunities to create your own choreography, see professional examples, and learn how to watch and critique works of dance. Whether this is your 1st try or your 15th year dancing, you will be challenged, probably get sweaty, and definitely have some fun along the way! *All dance students are expected to participate in Dance & Performing Arts Night in the spring.

 Dance II

A continuation of Dance I, the goal is to further develop dance technique and artistry across various genres while delving deeper into the creative side of dance and choreography. Expect plenty of technique classes at a faster pace, and more time with improvisation and choreographic exploration as you prepare to create solo and ensemble projects. The class will continue to view and analyze examples from the professional dance world as we further our understanding of the elements and principles of choreography.

 Dance III

New this year is Dance III, an advanced level course for the more serious dancer. Technique classes will continue to develop and blend technique with artistry, while striving to expand the dancer's aesthetic comfort zone. Explorations of various genres, artists, and masterworks throughout dance history will lead to creating dances using various stimuli as inspiration. Students will collaborate in the long-term production and performance of dance works exploring themes and motifs. The course will wrap up with a unit on Audition Skills, culminating in an in-class mock audition for all students.

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Director of Dance

Gabrielle "Gabby" Kadets Cook is happy and grateful to be back and building the dance program at HVCHS. A New Jersey native, she sang and danced her way from her neighborhood dance studio to The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she earned her BFA in dance education. Upon graduating, performance and teaching opportunities took her on a whirlwind through Europe, the eastern US, and back home again where she was fortunate to find her way back to musical theatre. While choreographing musicals in both Hackensack and Hopewell, Ms. Kadets spent 5 years creating the dance program at JFK Memorial High School where she taught dance full time and advised a student run dance collective. Founding the dance program in Hopewell Valley has been a thrill so far, and Ms. K looks forward to sharing her love of dance and the arts with all of her students this year.

Gabrielle Kadets Cook Director of Dance
Hopewell Valley Central High School
(609) 737-4000  ext: 3228